IPv4 Trade is a trading portal formed by a group of European LIRs (Local Internet Registry) that manage an important number of IPv4 addresses.

Our aim is to provide as much as we can from the exhausted IPv4 resources to the Companies that need them the most, either by allocating them from our own resource pool or by intermediation between the Companies which own and Companies which need.

During this time of global IPv4 depletion, we can enable you to obtain the IP space you need for your business at very reasonable prices.

The Managers of our LIRs have worked in the Internet business since it’s creation. Their combined experience in the Telecom and Internet industries sums up to 80 years.

Our Team of specialists is ready 24/7 to serve our customers at the highest levels of professionalism and also to provide to our prospects all the information they need in order to decide which of our IPv4 providing solutions suits their needs better.